The completion of an artist album does have a tendency to put the producers creating them into pronounced moods of reflection, even introspection. They are, after all, the closest thing to chapters of professional life they have. The interdivisional index cards that provide natural stop, look-around, exhale and assess points. That seemed to be very much the place Markus was in when he wrapped the 18 month-long production of ‘Do You Dream?’ at the end of February. 

Precisely what his ruminations were regarding the last 3 years, we’ll never exactly know. Hazarding a guess though? That’s perhaps not so hard. Since the aptly prophetic ‘Progression’ album, there are certain elements of his career life you can be pretty much certain were prime for him to chew on.

In June 2007 (the month his sophomore album came out) he was positioned at no. 19 in the DJ top 100. Climbing the last rungs to reach inside the world’s top 10 isn’t a challenge so much as a near-impossible feat; one that only the very smallest handful of spinners go on to achieve. Accomplish it he did though, through a healthy diet of City compilations (3 more volumes added), 150 odd GDJB shows and Dakota’s ‘Thoughts Become Things’ - a long-player that was as much of a daring artistic excursion as any trance DJ in the top 10 has taken. Oh, and the small matter of stone-cold rocking close to 400 nights around the globe of course.

Whilst ‘Progression’ was the catalyst that started the rise into the top echelon, ‘Do You Dream’ will likely go down as the album that cemented him there. As you crack open the CD and start to absorb its music you’ll find that it doesn’t have one single style or genre per se. If you bought it expecting 16 tracks of aerated power trance, well, I imagine that you’re going to be experiencing a mild sense of disappointment in about 80 minutes time! Those of you who’ve turned up seeking something more widescreen & across the electronic dance music span, I anticipate happier times ahead for you. ‘Do You Dream?’ ushers in a new intrinsic ensemble of house-tinged mid-tempo numbers, swirling atmospheric prog, balmier, chilled moments and stunningly-cultivated and wholly vibrant melodies. Each and every one of you is going to end your ‘Do You Dream’ experience with a favourite from it. I’ve got mine, now let’s find out yours…

JUNE 15, 2010

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